• 7-inch multi-ribbed steel top ledges
  • Steel uprights with modern design & superior protection
  • Two-toned ledge cover made from reinforced composite polypropylene resin
  • Resin bottom plate with integrated foot cover for better fit
  • Dorado wall pattern-a pleasing look with the sand frame
  • Heavy corrugated wall with superior coatings
  • Easy to assemble
  • Yard extender system for oval pools
  • a series of practically invisible lateral supports placed in the ground, leaving more yard space.

Billiot Pools and Spas - Above Ground Pools

Matrix 54

  • 6" Resin top ledge
  • 6" Resin Uprights
  • Yardmore Buttress Free Support System on Ovals
  • Salt Water Compatible
  • Oversized Corrosion-Free Foundation System
  • Corrosion Protection on Pool Wall
  • Snap-In, No Hardware Construction for Entire Frame
  • Injection Molded Frame Creates Precision Fits of all Components

Ponderosa GLX

  • Sturdy 6-inch top rail
  • Wider top rail increases pool stability
  • Rigid cross-steel top rail
  • Exclusive design for superior structural strength
  • High-impact, super-structural strength
  • Shorter span between uprights
  • Reduced pressure on structure, creates stronger pool
  • Hot-dipped, galvanized steel
  • Bonded and coated for greatest strength
  • Distinctive “Granada LX” design
  • Resin Top Cap
  • More Uprights
  • High-quality Steel Coatings
  • Designer Pool Wall
  • Perfectly complements any backyard decor


Billiot Pools And Spas in Gretna

Billiot Pools and Spas specializes in above ground swimming pools. We offer Seaspray brand swimming pools in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

Some models include:

  • Evolution CLX
  • Matrix 54
  • Ponderosa GLX

Come visit us to see our display of swimming pools.

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Swimming Pools and Spas

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Evolution CLX

  • Giant 9-inch Top Rail
  • Torsion rigidity built in with the embossed curve
  • High-quality Coatings
  • Bonded and Plastisol coated for life-long resistance
  • Completely integrated parts for seamless super strength
  • Strengthening curved design give impact-resistant strength
  • Stylish pool wall finish with an asymmetrical design
  • Unique design adds elegance and strength to the pool structure
  • Uses less backyard space
  • Both efficient and aesthetically pleasing
  • Standard with the Evolution
  • Offers superior skimming, resulting in a much cleaner pool
  • Seamless Structure
  • Super-strength Emboss Curve
  • Elegant Design
  • ‘Curve’ advantage
  • Buttress-Free Oval System
  • Wide Mouth Skimmer